Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mug of the Week 28/8/11

skynetUnwittingly or not, you're now a direct contributor to the mass slaughter of mankind. Never thought that comp-sci degree would lead to billions of deaths did you? Well at least you built something cool! You may not survive but your Skynet mug will.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Rain + Coffee + Good Book = Nice Day

rainy windowThe British summer is enough to make anyone wish for a holiday, but some days just make me glad to be home with a good book and a cup of coffee. Today has been one of those days, rain almost non stop and so dull ive needed the lights on all day. Perfect time to whip out my Kindle and make my way through my unread books(Cant wait for the next Dexter book). No matter how bad things get outside they wont spoil my day and a little thunder would even be nice.

coffee mugs

Asking for coffee, getting gravy

bistoStarted out as just a normal visit to a friends house, they offered coffee and I accepted. Everything was going fine untill I went to take the first sip and smelt lamb gravy, but i carried carried on hoping it was nothing more than the onset of a stroke. Well it was no stroke, I really was drinking lamb gravy with 3 sugars and it was not as nice as it sounds. Now im a polite kinda guy so I finished the whole mug and was on my way, whether it was an accident or my friend being a dick ill never know.

My Mug

Yep this is the mug I drink from every day. I wanted something weird  and since I dont care at all about royalty, this seemed perfect. I had hoped this would be a nice choice for a unique mug for my cupboard, something everyone would know was mine. So what happens the family bought 3 of them, now im paranoid im drinking from the wrong mug or maybe its just too much coffee.

coffee cup